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CDMC: Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework

CDMC framework comprises six major components and capabilities, including the CDMC 14 Key Controls and Automations for protecting sensitive data in a cloud/hybrid cloud environment. The framework makes openly available the world’s first best practices, assessment, and certification framework for effectively managing data in the cloud and accelerating the adoption of cloud and hybrid cloud ecosystems.



Governance & Accountability

  • Cloud Data Management Business Cases

  • Data Ownership

  • Data Sourcing and Consumption

  • Data Sovereignty and Cross-Border Data Movement


Cataloging & Classification

  • Data Catalogs

        A store of metadata that provides a clear understanding of data                assets – both the business context and technical characteristics

  • Data Classification

        Labeling data assets according to their level of business risk and                capturing this information in data catalogs



Accessibility & Usage

  • Accessibility

        Data entitlements are managed, enforced, and tracked

  • Usage

        Ethical access, use, and outcomes of data are managed.


Protection & Privacy

  • Data Security

      Data is secured, and controls are evidenced

  • Data Privacy

       A data privacy framework is defined and operational.

Data Lifecycle.jpg


A data lifecycle management framework enables organizations to combine the best practices of data management with the features and functionality of modern Cloud platforms, enabling the delivery of secure and trusted data to their end-users


Data & Technical Architecture

  • Technical Guidelines

         Ensure that the design of cloud solutions makes optimum use of               cloud capabilities.

  • Data Lineage

         Detailed, accurate, and up-to-date data lineage information.

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